Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Darkness Moves On the Night of the New Moon Review

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan has hit a lot of predictable plot points with a weak lead from the first episode while teasing about something more interesting with the night time version of Rikuo. The journey to a mountain for some fun with the club obviously turns into something more sinister as the Gyuki clan is setting things up so that they can manipulate the ascension to power that they want in the manner that befits them. Using a somewhat friendly clan that resides on the mountain to take the blame for it fits in with the standard operating procedure of a group that deals in the shadows and using Yura in order to execute their plan is even more basic.

Having Rikuo's friends from the paranormal club caught up in it only makes it worse since they become targets very easily for those causing the trouble. Rikuo mans up once in awhile and does so in this episode as he does what he can to protect Yura as her friend and as the Third Heir. Manning up for someone like Rikuo is essentially a joke though because no matter how skilled he suddenly gets or how serious his expression gets, it's near impossible to take the young boy seriously. The whole point of the series is to man him up somewhat though so he can truly become the next leader, but he's been so adamant for the show so far that he doesn't want to go that direction and has wussed out enough that it's left me feeling the same. Powerful though he may be under the surface, he continually proves that he's not someone you want as an actual leader.

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