Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

With a nod towards a previous episode involving bicycles and flying machines, Tatami Galaxy has our lead going into a new life where he's fairly wealthy, at least in his mind, leading him to fancy dinners, high priced women and a whole lot of wine and song. At least for a few seconds through the opening montage before Akashi slaps him silly for being like he is, so focused on power instead of what's truly important. Yet that small slap in the grand scheme of things hits him rather profoundly, even if he's not aware of it at first, since it sparks something inside him about how his life should be lived.

What our lead ends up into when things get rolling is a new club called the Secret Society Lucky Cat Chinese Restaurant where there's quite the interesting setup. To his surprise, it actually is a secret society that's full of a lot of branches and circles that it uses to control the entire university through all the various means at its disposal. The Society is pretty detailed in what it knows as it showcases all of it to our lead with a lot of detail, enough so that it causes him to throw his lot in pretty quickly with them. He's drawn in by the potential for power here as he understands what the possibilities are within the organization as a member of its Library Police, but it's something that puts him on the wrong side of a lot of people which gives them a rather negative view of him. And considering one of his big college life dreams is to find a Japanese beauty to fall in love with, that's not going to help in the slightest.

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