Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "To the Summit"

The concluding part to this two part story does the only thing that can be done and that's to have the disparate cast of characters move upward ever more. There's really nothing much else they can do at this point, but what we get to watch as they work their way up is the various ways they'll start falling to their deaths. Cobra, as Johnson, hasn't exactly warmed himself up with the others of the group but he's managed to work well enough with them to make further and further progress.

That progress is dangerous though since they're all tied together and working together on some basic level. Should just one of them lose their belief that the mountain exists, they could take all of them down pretty fast. While that threat is there, the route through which the disbelief starts is fairly meandering as it goes across the different people with no real rhyme or reason. The show practically opens with Bucky falling to his death after getting so tired that his belief wavers. And that pushes his sister, Daisy, into being beside herself so much that she has the potential to lose belief. But what happens first is that someone of the group has decided to murder her, but they've left a telling clue in that the murderer is left handed. Unfortunately, three of those remaining are left handed so there isn't a clear cut suspect since they all supposedly want the gold and all of them are cutthroat enough to do such a thing to get i.

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