Black Butler II - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Review: "Wench Butler"

The shift in the previous episode to Sebastian and Ciel proved to be a bit slower than I expected, and it didn't do altogether that good of a job of introducing the characters to newer viewers like myself, but I liked the overall setting and the kind of relationship that you see between the two. It wasn't enough to tell me I must come back every week, but I'm curious to see what it can do as the Victorian style setting is intriguing and there are some interesting little oddities that makes me want to know more. This episode takes the two into London where there's a string of deaths occurring where women are literally going up in flames.

The story that's set up is fairly basic with the women dying of unusual means and that has Ciel doing some investigation after one of the funerals he comes across and notices a particular material floating in the air. Tracing it back, he starts to figure out what it is that's causing these deaths and that leads him to the obvious place of the portrait studio where the wife of the photographer has gone a bit off the deep end after years of taking portraits of happy young couples, something she's no longer herself. So the trick comes into play where she gets to kill other people to make herself feel better with a bit of glee to her voice.

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