Uraboku Episode #12 Review

The acquisition of Shusei by Ashley has led her to really playing the emotional card when it comes to Hostuma as she has Shusei all strung up on a cross looking positively beautiful. He's in pain and very much hurting, but she's designed the scene just like any maser dominatrix would be making sure that those she wants to control are fully overwhelmed by the visual senses so she can tease and torment the rest of them with relative ease and pleasure. With Hostuma and Yuki now neck deep in her realm, she's taking it all to the next level with lots of drama and beautiful moments alongside her wicked laughter.

The first half of the episode works in tryingto up the ante in the drama as Ashley seemingly has all the cards in her hand and does her best to mock and anger everyone. Her attempts at playing each of them either against each other or themselves doesn't go far since they're all fairly sure of themselves, but it does allot for a mild nod towards the past for Shusei and Hotsuma that helps to cement why the pair have such a good relationship. And all of that leads towards the main element of the episode title in their brief and simple explanation of why the Zweilt's work in pairs since it allows them to deal with their foes much more easily since they can support each other, thereby increasing their power and determination.

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