House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Dirty Stray Cat"

A small flashback to the past showcases how Yaichi came to meet Take and the introduction the two of them had, which is much how their relationship has been ever since. With everything starting based on a lie, it's little surprise that nobody really knows all that much about Yaichi even after spending a fare bit of time together since then. Yaichi's the kind of quiet and reclusive personality that doesn't share much yet he's quite attracted to Masanosuke in a way that makes him want to share things with him. Masanosuke doesn't have a lot of real history to him, but we've learned a fare bit about him and now that Sachi is there we get to see a slightly different side of him as well.

Masanosuke's time is mostly spent with Yagi at this point, though the two of them seem oddly matched in a lot of ways. Yagi's not exactly outgoing, but he's a bit more sociable than Masanosuke and has this feeling of wanting to draw others into his lifestyle of sorts, whether it's drinking a bit with kids or just hanging around talking about nothing. He's not as vapid as Masanosuke is, but he's just as uninteresting in a different way because of what they talk about. In fact, it's what a lot of the episode is like as everyone is talking, talking and talking some more but about nothing of consequence for the most part. We get a few nuggets here and there, such as that opening scene for instance, but the majority of the dialogue is just the kind of mundane things you talk about throughout your day at home with someone. It's not exactly exciting storytelling.

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