Grey's Anatomy - I [Heart] Addison

Addison! It's a good episode when it starts out with a shot of her looking somewhat smug. She's darkened her hair up and I like it best when it's redder, but beggars can't be choosers. Besides, she's totally still hot. Meredith starts out this week's VO: "Great surgeons aren't made, they're born. It takes gestation, incubation, sacrifice. A lot of sacrifice. But, after all the blood and guts and gooey stuff has washed away, that surgeon you've become? Totally worth it." Addie seems to have spent a long time standing there based on the special effects of people whizzing around her like ghosts when Bailey comes up and greets her. Addie reminds Bailey and the viewing audience that she's only there for a surgery, which clearly bums out Bailey (and me.) Bailey gets her set up with keys, etc. when Richard comes up and excitedly announces, "You're back!" and she reminds him she isn't back. Oh boy, a funny little theme. I'm done recapping it as of now. He assures her that once she's back in surgery she'll decide to be back, and Addie says that things never change around there. Well, yes and no, Addison.

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