Grey's Anatomy: What I Am

So, season one is Derek (Patrick Dempsey) giving up his life in New York and moving to Seattle to get away from his life there. Season two is Addison (Kate Walsh) walking away from her life in New York and moving to Seattle to follow Derek even though he doesn't want her there. And now season three is Mark, ah Mark, he "sublets his apartment and sells his practice" in New York to follow Kate to Seattle, even though she doesn't want him there! Is this a bit ridiculous to anyone? Yes. But do I care? No. I loved the addition of Addison and I think Dr. Mark Sloan, while being easy on the eyes, is also going to spice things up and keep it interesting around Seattle Grace. I'm already wondering who's going to leave the big apple for Seattle next year! Maybe Mark's sister's boyfriend's cousin? Who cares! I say, if it's a character as good as Addison and Mark, bring it on! I love how Mark is pissing off Alex (Justine Chambers) and Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and I can't wait for the showdown! With that said, let's get down to the business of last night's show!

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