One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 470 - Review: "Master Swordsman Mihawk - The Black Sword's... "

One Piece has been rolling along nicely for awhile now with this particular segment of the arc, once it got past all the chest thumping as each side looked at each other. The fights have gone well and while hardcore fans may quibble about animation quality per episode, it's come across pretty well with the streaming window I have and everything has looked good. The fights have gotten more intense and the last episode gave us a lot of Hancock love and fun as she took to the fight to defend her precious Luffy. And that Luffy is now inching ever closer to Ace but he has to deal with Mihawk, someone he hasn't seen in an age who certainly has his connections with a number of people that Luffy arrived with.

Like many of the more powerful characters on either side, Mihawk really gets to shine when he gets into it, and in a way he really shows off here by using his sword to slice an entire ice ridge in half from quite the distance. It's a neat little visual piece that certainly freaks out both sides as you can see a ton of large chunks of ice all over the place. This allows the view to change for a bit as well and we get to see lots of other little events going on, such as Doflamingo trying to convince Crocodile to work with him on the new era of pirates or seeing Hancock view everything again through the eyes of love which is positively priceless. Her rose colored lenses are a fun highlight to a series that, from my experience, really avoids much to do with romance. Even Buggy gets some time as he's now wearing a Marine hat with an X through it that make him look even more fun and amusing than before.

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