Black Butler II - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Review: "Terrorist Butler"

With the previous episode delving into a fairly interesting story, albeit one that was a bit too short when it came to the main story in some ways, Black Butler moves forward into its latest tale that has Ciel ordered off on a new mission at the behest of the Queen. This time, the son of a nobleman has been kidnapped and the two are watching the man that has the money who will be making the exchange on the train. It starts off with a bit of a creepy factor, but one that fits in with the time relatively well enough, as some goofy kids run into the rail workers loading boxes onto the train. The incident causes the large box to open and reveals the sarcophagus with the mummy inside, something that's considered a collector's item among the wealthy elite of the day.

The show plays up something rather fun that you don't see often as it takes place largely on the rtain and that means a wide variety of unusual characters, including a couple of Orientals. One old lady tries to offer all kinds of Asian cuisine to the others but is rebuffed because of the supposed outbreak of cholera in Asia while the elderly gentleman is easily ruffled and aggressive about everything. A priest is in the mix, general travelers, a supposed archaeologist and even a guy who obsesses over time tables that feels like he's giving out math problems that made my head spin easily. It's the kind of curious cast that you get in a situation like this that's reminiscent of the classic mystery stories and it holds a lot of appeal in trying to figure out what's what.

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