Grey's Anatomy - Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Welcome back, my lovelies! That was a nice break, but my poor DVR was starting to feel useless and needed things to tape, so thank goodness we are back. Let's let Meredith give us the rundown on this week's episode. "We like to think we are rational beings. Humane." Christine is asleep in her scrubs, surrounded by food wrappers. "Conscientious." Izzie's asleep on a gurney in the hallway. "Civilized." Alex is asleep in the on-call room. Well, that is the most civilized we've seen so far. "Thoughtful." Meredith is shaking her foot, playing with her watch and looking generally like she might vomit. Pan back, and you see that she's actually in therapy, and her doctor is Amy Madigan. It's her third session, and she has yet to say anything.

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