Gobsmaking! A must watch, from a very picky viewer

Wow! I have just watched finale of Life on Mars: I am gobsmacked! I had heard about this show some time ago, but all though I am born and bred in England, the grey setting, and raw characteristics of the tv productions, do not appeal to me whatsoever.

Life on Mars, American style rocks, excuse the pun. I kept thinking that Sam was in a coma, and the shock ending, was a fantastic touch - not going to spoil it for those who have watched it - all I can say, is that you must and persevere, it is well worth it. The cast is varied, with exciting characteristic traits, The action, shocking, somewhat violent - but all in all, fits in with different aspects of the male ego. It is quirky, and has elements from a range of genres. In fact, I wonder if the writers were influenced by a fantastic film called The usual Suspects - which is no bad thing - well worth a watch.

I think it ended in a good place. I wish more programmes would run for a season or two and get to the point. I love a good twist and turn, but I think that there are far too many programmes that go on and on, lose their excitiement and wow factor, by exceeding their end by date - who ever decided to end this show after one season - in the manner that it ends - or if it was written to last one season, 17 episodes - it was an inciteful move. Now I am left in awe, My love for you, Sidereel, is growing again, day by day.

Rock on.


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