Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 27 - Review: ''Possibly"

The day against Ryuou is the next day and the coach tells them what's up. There's a lot of buildup to this game and there's a scene with Akanishi and Kou and it's really cool to see Akanishi telling Kou that he's happy to be on the same team as him, beyond Wakaba's dream. There's a also a short funny scene where they explain why Kou's dad and Aoba's dad never go to the games: the team loses if they go to cheer them on. The start of the game and although many may just write it off but I really liked the scene with Risa, where the cast of the movie and doing a short interview on stage, she takes a mic and introduces herself, tells everyone to watch all the scenes she's in so that they can remember her face and name. It seems to be something she would do but then she gets in the dressing room and starting watching the Seishuu/Ryou game on her phone. I really liked this scene because she truly cares about baseball now and it might be thanks to Kou.

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