Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "The Golden Gate"

The clock is ticking until the end of the solar system occurs as the planet/comet Galon is inching ever closer to the sun that it will collide with. As we learned in the first episode, the only thing that will stop this from happening is using the Key of Shiva that was located on Venus to access the inner workings of the artificial satellite. Naturally, the ever present Pirate Guild wants in on the action for their mysterious reasons so now that Cobra's gotten caught up in all of it after meeting Secret, it becomes personal since he can't let that group slide no matter what. Even if it feels like you can't swing a dead Pirate Guild member without hitting another one.

The arrival on Galon has them meeting with Professor Toporo and there are some intriguing moments discussed as he details the discoveries made on Galon and its history with Shiva and its search for a paradise planet of sorts. Toporo has some good helpers there for the archaeological dig by using special Martian men who have heightened senses that allow them to see in the dark as they work deep underground. Cobra's crafty though so he knows to test out everything in front of him and to essentially not trust anything at all. His years of experience and general distrust continue to pay off, though he tends to not apply that to the various women that walk into his life. Of course, with all women seemingly wearing nothing more than a few strands of thread for clothes, it's easy to understand.

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