Sacred Blacksmith Episode #11 Review


The last couple of episodes have had a good mix of action and back story brought into the series, yet as has been said before, it all comes across as if we're reading the first hundred or two hundred pages of a massive multi-volume fantasy series. There's a lot to like with that feeling since it speaks of epic things, and we get that with how the characters talk and what they're starting to understand about the world at large. But it's also sad because at just twelve episodes, you know we're just getting that taste, but it certainly encourages hunting up the source material a whole lot more since it's likely a lot more defined and detailed.

Sacred Blacksmith takes on more of a revelatory feel with this episode as events have brought together several of the noble types again as they bring Luke in to find out about the sword that he's making for them. With it being incomplete, he's unable to give them what they need yet but they're not above stoking him a bit in order to remind him his position in things. The little throwaway from them about the only reason they let Lisa stay with him because of what he does for them makes it a lot easier to understand why he's fairly withdrawn and quiet as well as focused on making sure he follows through on his pledge to make the sword. But these nobles and rulers aren't above toying with him over it, insulting him in plain ways at that about it which only makes Cecily angry. That only serves to make Luke angry with her since he's doing his best to play it as cool as possible.

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