Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Stop Smirking "

It's been a lot of fun watching the Portable's find their groove and playing well against the Varsity team, enough so that it's caused a fair bit of anxiety and trouble for the coach. The Varsity players are certainly getting irritated to say the least and the weak link on their team, Senda, has found himself booted down to the Portable's because of his action. Everything has been going fairly well and a competitive game is at hand, but once Ko and the others make it clear to the seniors and others on the Portable's that nobody moves up to Varsity because of this game as the Coach has submitted everything, the wind is knocked out of some of their sails.

The problem comes in that if you have players that give up like that, you really don't want them on your team anyway. And most of the seniors that ended up on the Portable's weren't playing all that seriously to begin with nor training hard because they felt very frustrated by what happened in ending up there. It goes a bit deeper though as we learn that the previous coach, who is now working with just the Portable's, did his best to try and get at least some of the seniors to be able to sit on the bench for the actual Varsity games, but Daimon just shot him down in a very cold and insulting manner that had the old man positively livid. It's the kind of moment that cements who both men are and makes you realize which one you want to actually know in the long run.

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