Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "The Ghost of the Golden Paradise"

The first arc of the series draws to a close with episode four and that's definitely a good thing as I don't think the series would work well with a storyline covering twelve episodes. Cobra's the kind of show that plays better with smaller stories when it comes to the animated version where we get to see new settings, new characters and new adventures. It's not a show for lengthy complicated plots with progress and growth of characters. It's about fun, action and a universe where the concept of pants or skirts on women is incomprehensible.

With episode four, Cobra's still got himself deep underground in Galron where he's seen a society that's held up well for the last few thousand years when you consider how strange it could be. With his memory lost, he's focusing on getting into fights right now since that action feels natural to him and it's helped him gain back some small measure of his memory. With the idea that more fighting equals more memory, he doesn't hold back in going up against Bogard's toughest fighter, Garcia. Though he's been given a disadvantage and is paying heavily for it, all of these moments push him towards the goal he wants of returning to the reality he knows. Of course, his time down below isn't bad since he's gotten to hang out with the beautiful Bonny.

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