Samurai Girls Episode #02 Anime Review

There's something to be said for a show that opens up with action. It's something that even with the big name action shows that we don't see all too often as they either want to recap or do a little character drama. Samurai Girls opens up its second episode right into the fight against Yagyu and it delights in a way that feels just right. The first episode of the series gave us a really neat design to it with the characters, backgrounds and the overall use of the heavy line work as well as copious amounts of fanservice. Add in a really interesting setting and it has a lot going for it, if it can rise up above being all about the fanservice and action and give that proper hook to make it richer. And to be able to sustain it.

Yagyu and her skills give rise to the claim that she may be a master samurai, something that there aren't all that many of and none that aren't under the control of the Tokugawa. The opening fight really is nicely intense and powerful overall, especially as lives are threatened and Muneakira is able to alter things simply by his force of presence and voice, though that hints at larger things about him. His arrival has certainly thrown the school into a spin and his meeting with Princess Sen Tokugawa only adds to that since it points to the kinds of connections he has to the others. Though it's not exactly a completely friendly relationship the two have as he almost ends up with her spear through his head at one point.

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