Hikaru no Go Episode #69 Review

Hikaru is slowly but surely getting closer to playing the game of Go again as he finds himself drawn to it after being away for awhile. His quick visit to the high school tournament previously had him feeling the rush inside him again as he watched others play and could feel the way games should go. The small exposures, something he's tried to stay away from, are becoming more common and harder to resist. The game has definitely gotten into his blood and he very much is drawn to it in a way that surprises him at times as well.

While he struggles with this, Isumi has returned to Japan to do his preparations for the pro exam and he's surprised to find out about the losses by default that Hikaru has been having. It's not what he expected after all this time and it's really shocking when he finds out that it's more than one loss at that. Isumi's return has him getting back in touch with Waya and it's actually rather adorable since he kids him by treating him like Le Ping at first, treating him like a little kid who has suddenly shot up. Waya's confusing is obvious enough but just seeing a happy and outgoing Isumi that has some confidence to him is the real plus here. His meeting with Waya has him searching for more answers about what's going on with Hikaru, leading him to talk to several people about it so he can get a clearer picture.

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