I have a theory..... about George O'Malley

What if they want to bring him back? There is a possible chance if the writers wanted to. Just follow with me... His I.D. was never found, they never tested his D.N.A., Lexie is right all the time (The part when she said its not George because that man was too tall.) Callie was to grief stricken to be looking for a dang birth mark, Meredith could have read his hand wrong. This was all out of character for Geroge to join the army so fast and it was wrapped up to fast, something tells me that George used this accident as a coverup so he wouldn't have to join the army since he chickened out and moved somewhere where he didn't have to show his face again. I am just saying he can pop back up season's later and suprise everyone. Now that is a great theory, and i would get back to watching Grey's Anatomy if they did that, anyway agree or have comments?


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