Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 26 - Review: ''I Know"

We start the episode with the continuation of the game. Kou starts to actually pitch, and when three people fail to bunt (with all of them saying that it bounced when it came to them) Sannou's coach says Kou's pitching is what you see once a decade. Seishu's start getting runs in on the sixth inning. Meanwhile, at Ryuo, Mishima tells twoMishma classmates that he doesn't mind staying away from the field when there are interviewers around since Shimano's baseball with end after high school, while he will continue on. Back at Seishuu, they win 8-1 against Sannou and after the newspaper comments about Kou's 150km/h pitch, Mizuki tells Aoba that he still hasn't reached the 160km/h she desires. Aoba tells him to not believe things she said as a kid. Then in a flashback, it shows Wakaba explaining to Aoba about her (last) dream and Aoba was playing center field. I think it was somewhere after this where Mishima is taking the day off because as the coach put it, his old wounds were acting up so he let him go for the day. And while on this day off, Mishima is seen at the arcade but seriously what is he getting? Azuma smiling!Totally not his character. Anyways, newspaper reporters are wanting to interview Kou and when he's about to, he gets hassled by Aoba that he is a mess and that's when Kou tells her that she reminds him of Wakaba. At the interview, he tells the reporters that the one batter he's worrying about at Ryuo is Mishima. A day before the game, Azuma tells Kou that if the rumours are true, that Mishima was be benched, then maybe Seishuu will have a chance. Kou then comments that he has to pitch well to not get yelled by Aoba, Azuma smiles!! I really like that Azuma truly likes being at Seishuu with Kou. Next episode is finally the match against Ryuo!

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