Grey's Anatomy: Time Has Come Today

All this time Meredith, Christina and George are holed up back at Meredith's house trying to get Izzy out of her prom dress and off the bathroom floor. Since declaring she "quit" and storming out of the hospital after Denny died, Izzy has not moved from her spot on the floor. Callie (Sara Ramirez) comes by with food and then Dr. McVet (Chris O'Donnell) walks in. Finally we're getting somewhere! He tells Meredith that he doesn't care and doesn't want to know what happened the night before between she and Derek. He tells her she may think she's damaged goods but he knows she has the right to happiness and he's not going anywhere. At this point I'm thinking he should head over to the hospital and give this speech to Addison. She found Meredith's panties in Derek's coat pocket so she knows the gig is up between her and Derek and I actually like Addison and feel bad for her. I think she and McVet would be perfect together. It may be a stretch but at least it would keep these two on the show but away from Meredith and Derek.

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