Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Seventh Daemon"

Natsuno's investigation into what's going on leads him to some curious places this time around, as he ends up meeting up with a couple of people who were friends of Megumi's and have noticed unusual things since she died. One of them points out that much of the blame seems to shift towards the Kanemasa mansion, as that's where Megumi last went. With Natsuno knowing that she's come back from the dead, he's brought in a new term to play with as well, okiagari. That is what those who come back from the dead are called in this village and it has him using it as a launching point when talking with others who are familiar with the village history.

Masao gets a rather good part of the story here as well, particularly as it opens on him waking up inside a coffin that's been placed in the ground already. It's a brutally chilling moment for him that brings us some flashbacks to his wasting away days when he would be visited in the middle of the night to have his blood drained from him bit by bit. Watching his brief turn towards death is interesting in comparison to others as it doesn't have quite the same beauty some of them had. His time underground doesn't last too long, though surely it seemed like an eternity, as someone has brought him up out of it for their own use. Making it clear that he's not alive anymore, Masao learns that not everyone who has this happen actually awakens from the death and comes back, making him feel very special.

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