Invincible Shaolin DVD Review

The film opens as members of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in the North have sent three representatives to appear before a Chinese general. The general tells them he has also sent for representative from the Southern branch-Putian Shaolin Temple and explains he is looking for men to teach his army martial arts. The film introduces the three members from the North-Bao Shanxiong who is an expert at leg kicks, Xu Fang who specializes in palm strikes and Yang Zhongfei who is an expert with the segmented pole. The General greats the men and confronts the men showing he does not believe the monks should be allowed to teach martial arts and Fang brings up an ancient agreement. The general appears appeased and wants a demonstration first of the three men from the North and then of the North and South combined. The three men from the North show their skills on some wooden dummies and impress the general.

The men from the North are then lead to the training hall where the men sent from the South are waiting. The general proposes that the two schools face off and while the North initial disagrees the South gets baited into it by the talk of the general wanting to find out who is best and those instructors will be the leads in training his army while the losers will be assistants. The competition begins and there are three one-on-one demonstrations of skill. What follows are some impressive martial arts choreographed fights with the North being demonstrated as clearly the superior side. After their defeat the men from the South are preparing to go back and get more experienced men sent. They discover to their shock though that the general has other plans. He has set a plan to kill the men from the South and frame the men from the North thus setting a cycle of revenge into play and hoping the two sides will wipe each other out as he perceives them to both be threats to the court. The three bodies of the men from

the South are sent to their teacher while the general's aid accompanies them to make sure that the men from the North are blamed and targeted for revenge by the South. As the teacher tries to be calm the aid slyly supports the voices who want revenge and the school decides to send three more men to challenge the men from the North while taking care of their dead.

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