Baka and Test - Season 1 - Episode 5/6 - Review: "Episode 5/6"

So, we get all the usual jokes, but this time it's all put in the wrapper of a treasure hunt, and we get some assurance that while Yoshii is an idiot, his heart is in the right place. As Akihisa is on his way to school, he comes across a small cellphone strap lying in a crosswalk. He thinks about picking it up, but then thinks that its owner, likely a child since the strap is for a small animal mascot popular with children, will return for it, so he leaves it there. After crossing the street, along comes Hazuki, the younger sister of Minami, who turns out to be the phone strap's owner. Had Akihisa been smart enough to pick it up, he could have given it to her, but instead, like an idiot, he left it in the middle of the busy street and now traffic is whizzing by at dangerous speeds. Fortunately, I guess, Mr. Fukuhara the teacher comes along, and Akihisa asks permission to activate his summoned avatar to retrieve the strap. And I thought that they could only summon them on school grounds? Not that anime ever aims at reality and consistency to begin with.

Of course, instead of nimbly dodging the traffic and recovering the strap, Yoshii gets run over by a car... driven by the school's principal. And the strap gets steamrolled, literally. But the principal notices what Akihisa the idiot was trying to do, and decides to change up today's classes: thus, the treasure hunt. Among the many and various prizes, is a complete set of three limited edition phone straps, including the animal character one that Hazuki lost. Yoshii makes up his mind to find the ticket that can be used to claim that prize.

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