Golgo 13 Collection 1 DVD Review

Based on the manga of the same name originally created by Takao Saito, Golgo 13 is a fifty episode series that looks to be all about the standalone stories. Golgo 13 is a very old property with the first manga chapter out in 1969 and it's still ongoing (though how much Saito is involved in the day to day is unknown to me) and there have been a couple of live action films and some previous OVA adaptations as well. In 2008, this series kicked off to help celebrate the forthcoming 40th anniversary of the franchise and has given it what I think is its best adaptation yet. I've read some of the manga over the years as Viz Media put some out way back in the mid 80's and repackaged a bit of it later on as well so there's familiarity with it from there and from the previous animated adventures.

With this set featuring all standalone stories, I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it because it just doesn't make sense to. What Golgo 13 is about is one of the world's best assassins. Using the name Golgo 13 or Duke Togo depending on the situation, he's able to do things that are considered impossible by anyone else. When the series opens, he has to take out a hijacker on a plane from just over two kilometers, something that's considered damn near impossible, but he pulls it off with relative ease by shooting over the SWAT snipers that are half that distance and laying in wait. It's these kinds of shots that make up most of the series as we see him getting involved in impossible situations and making it possible, shooting between buildings from distances that are simply too far for the accuracy involved and even taking into account the wind and other conditions.

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