Grey's Anatomy Season 1

I really enjoyed this show; the 9 episodes weren't enough for me! It's a funny, touching, quirky and sad show, and that's in every episode. I like television that involves me emotionally, whether that be laughing, crying, or something else. Grey's Anatomy did that, and in almost every episode. These medical dramas can be hard to watch without a box of tissues nearby; they do such a great job of sucking us in emotionally. Did I cry? Of course I did! The writers do such a great job of making us care about a character, and then they kill them off. It's terrible, but it also makes for great television.

I'm becoming a big fan of Disney's TV releases. They're doing a great job of providing good transfers, great audio, and nice bonus features. They could be criticized for not putting out as many releases as the other studios, but I'd rather have fewer, quality releases than lots of rushed ones.

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