Super Robot Wars OG - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Unknown Voice"

Okay, so we see a "female" robot appear from the skies, one with wings that even shed feathers. The fight seems to turn at that point, as the DC forces retreat. The unidentified unit, the Angelg, is on the side of the Federation, at least so it seems, being a product of Isurugi Heavy Industries, a civilian contractor which changed to the Federation's side. Except they haven't really, as we see that they are still closely tied to the Divine Crusader remnants.

Which makes the pilot of this new machine, Lamia Loveless, a possible mole. She seems rather uptight and ill at ease in the presence of the captain of the Shirogane, as well as in front of the ATX Team led by Lt. Kyosuke Nanbu. The only thing that is clear to me so far about this show is that Excellen Browning's main purpose is to jiggle her boobs as often and as bouncily as possible. Doesn't change the fact that something just isn't right about Lamia. Her language problems and internal monologues are all highly suspicious.

In the mean time, the DC splinter faction they were fighting before has headed off to an archaeological site of some sort, where apparently a "chokijin," a mechanical beast of some sort, is hidden. The commander of the DC ship fires indiscriminately at the people working the site, even over the objections of his lead mecha pilot Yu, who wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. The Major, his superior, enjoys it, apparently.

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