One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 443 - Review: "The Strongest Team is Formed - Shake Impel"

The game has certainly changed at this point now that Luffy has made his way all the way down to the bottom of Impel Down only to find that Ace has already been put about the Navy ship and is bound for HQ to be executed. Luffy being who he is, he certainly won't give up at this point and is now set to head right back up. There's plenty of obstacles in his way since going up is harder than going down, or falling down as has been pointed out, but there's some unlikely help that's now been offered with Crocodile making a return in the previous episode.

There's some minor discussion about whether they should free him and the intriguing part is that Ivankov actually knows him and knew him when he was a rookie, hinting at some secret. I suspect Ivankov transformed him years ago and Crocodile is really a woman. That said, he's not the only one that gets out from level six as Jimbei makes an impassioned plea to help and follow Luffy in order to stop the war between the Whitebeards and the Navy. Crocodile wants out so he can see the war and do some damage himself and it all comes together so that Luffy now has a way to get back up a few levels. It's amusing to see the dynamic now as Luffy is the center point for a pair of Warlords and Ivankov himself.

The rush to get up and out with only hours to go before Ace is properly executed has the group doing the mad dash thing but with some obvious side steps. The obvious angle to take is to have them free up numerous people on the way out and cause a riot, especially since Hanabyal is in charge and he's pretty incompetent. With Magellan still outside having seen off Ace, things turn towards action pretty nicely here as numerous characters start to come out of the woodwork, starting with those from New Kama Land where Ivankov has built up a good following. He even takes a small moment to help get Bon-chan back in play, though part of me wanted to see him get a gender change since he could be even more amusing in that form.

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