Soul Eater Part 3 Collection DVD Review

The third segment of Soul Eater brings us another thirteen episodes of the series as events follow the release of the Kishin and the changes to how Death is approaching how to deal with it. The arc that finished out just a bit before in the previous set had a lot going on with the Kishin getting out into the world and Medusa managing to slip away at the last second as she's now taken over the body of a young human girl. That alone is worth the price of admission to see her slowly turning into her old self in this pint sized form and freaking her "mother" out by doing so. With the Kishin out, Lord Death is working through the changes he wants to make in order to deal with it and that has a lot of people returning to Death City to carry out his plans.

The set covers two real main tracks of thought here when it comes to the story, though there are some subplot moments that kick in and a little standalone material. Having yet another entire episode given over to Excalibur isn't a surprise and it's one that works well as Hero manages to take on the sword because he finds himself capable of dealing with the thousand rules that Excalibur has for anyone who wants to wield him. Hero's rather fun during all of this as he takes the abuse and seems to love it in fact as he will do anything he's asked. You almost think that Excalibur is surprised by this at times as he can't believe that Hero really will do these things, but it makes for another amusing episode involving the strangest of characters in the series.

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