House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Consider Yourself Fortunate"

As the show moves into its sixth episode, marking the halfway point of things, House of Five Leaves has definitely established itself and the kind of style and atmosphere it wants to give off. While the laid back nature can be frustrating at times, there is definitely a lot of appeal in a show that savors the small things in life and allows them to slowly wash over you. Masanosuke is a master of savoring them, though he often has an almost panicked look on his face as something bad may happen, but the down time he's getting after his incident is probably pretty welcome to him since it means no serious trouble will happen for a little bit.

Relationships, family and what people mean to each other is a good part of the focus here as we see Umezo feeling bad about what he does and not wanting his daughter to know. But you have them doing what needs to be done in order to survive as well. The first half of the episode deals in this kind of laid back exploration of what must be done, over casual drinking or talking over a game. Through all of it, as people come to do business and check in on Masanosuke, the only one who hasn't seen him yet is Yaichi, though the reason isn't clear on that. It's hard to tell if Masanosuke has any feelings about this, other than his usual hangdog look, and whether Yaichi has any particular feelings on it himself since he's so laid back yet guarded.

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