Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "What a Hassle"

In the time since the game ended, a lot of changes have hit those attending the school. With Daimon leaving, a number of the Varsity players left with him, either following him to the school he ended up at or going elsewhere since they were there to work under him and gain from him. Interestingly, Azuma has stayed at Seishu and is pursuing his baseball career there as you can see he really feels that the team has something behind it if it can get it together. What's strange, and feels a bit forced, is that Azuma ends up living with Ko and his family at the request of Azuma's older brother through a certain connection. It's an unusual arrangement that in some ways really doesn't make sense and seems like a way to bring them together in a fairly clunky manner.

This episode also offers up another clunky device as Aoba agrees to finally go out on a date. As her younger sister notes, she's asked out constantly by guys for a variety of reasons but she always refuses them. So when she agrees, and it's not Ko, confusion reigns for a minute or two until we realize her real plan. And that's to agree to going out on a date with just about everyone who asked at a particular time, making it a group date at an amusement park. Naturally, nobody else can actually keep up with her and she tires them out pretty quickly. It has the same kind of awkward and silly feeling that Ko and Azuma living together has, especially with Azuma's surly attitude and the way he always seems unhappy about everything, adding a little bite to practically every statement. Even more so since he's a guest at Ko's house.

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