Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 16 - Review: "Ep 16"

The ETU continues to gain ground and now that Natsuki is back the team is changing a little more. One of the more interesting and amusing changes is watching how things go within the games themselves when it comes to the spectators. While the ETU has always had fans, they have a growing cheering section now and that's helping to inspire them a lot more than they used to. In the fifth league match against Yokohoma, The size of the audience in general continues to grow and the evening match that plays out has a very different feel to it when you pull back to the bigger picture and see just how much is involved.

The game against Yokohoma is of a different difficulty than their past ones as that team has definitely watched what has happened before with the ETU and is working to shore up those defenses. While the ETU would previously be marginalized, for good reason, the two wins in a row of league matches and the changes made to the line-up is making them more of a serious contender in each match. They've found their rhythm and now other teams have to start paying more attention. At the same time, now that the ETU is facing more serious challenges, they have to up their game as well since the competition is ready for them and some of the moves that they've show so far. We see that with Sera, who is already struggling with the return of Natsuki to the team after his injury hiatus.

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