Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 3 Anime DVD Review

To say that Gundam 00 has been losing me this season has been an understatement, though some of that is due to the awful release schedule the show is getting with numerous delays. With the series having a sizable cast to it, numerous factions, plenty of politics and lots of personal grudges and relationships mixed into it, a significant gap between volumes and low episode counts overall can really hurt a show like this. Add in that Gundam tends to play wonky with stories to begin with, and Gundam 00 is no exception, it's a recipe for disaster. So much so that the previous volume had me just about ready to write off the rest of this season as little more than lots of action with pretty but shallow characters.

I'm still close to that feeling, but they've managed to salvage some of it in this set of episodes by focusing on a significant story arc for several of them that works out well. Of course, after it's over, they bump up the timeline by several months which in turn takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of the series, something that I've felt has happened several times over in the course of both seasons. One of the thrusts of this particular arc of episodes is that it's starting to force Setsuna to stop looking at everything from the point of view of fighting, a familiar trajectory for many a Gundam series leads, as he now wants to be a force for change that doesn't involve wholesale destruction. It comes nicely after a few years of in-show destruction at his hands under the guise of changing the world through that form.

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