Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "BUNMEI's distance"

Comedy is the order of the day at the start of Occult Academy this episode as Maya and Ami are doing their best to help Kozue. With the near death experience she had recently, she's gotten all strange on them by not remembering anything occult related. Unfortunately, the pair come up with the most basic and silly of ideas to try and help out Kozue and they're all things that Kozue sees through incredibly easily. Though there is something to be said for some of their approaches, such as saying the teacher is communicating with aliens because of his terrible handwriting or the great butterfly outfit that Ami comes up with that one might want to see her in more of.

Because of their lackluster efforts. Maya does eventually find herself forced into accepting Abe's help after remembering that he's done that whole spoon bending thing as a child in the present day. That skill may be what they need to jigger Kozue's memory and bring her back to her old self. Abe, of course, proves useless and the girls decide that they have to do something far more drastic after really putting their minds to it. Maya has to do the risky thing of performing the near death experience herself to go to the other side and reclaim the other half of Kozue that must still be there. The Kozue that they have now is simply not the girl that some of them have gone to school with for awhile and they're convinced that what they need is out there in this machine.

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