Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #45-48 Review

First meetings between countries/characters are always interesting and we get another rof those as Liechtenstein thinks back to when she met her big brother, Switzerland. It came at a time when Liechtenstein was almost ending as a country because of the depression, but the equally poor Switzerland helped her out as he couldn't leave her in such a state, giving her food and shelter that he barely had himself. Liechtenstein wasn't aware of this at first but she adored him for what he did to help her, something that only increased afterwards. The small episode, which is kept rather quiet and subdued, does a nice job of showing how some of them look after each other, especially a tiny country like Liechtenstein which at the time after World War I had barely 10,000 people to its name.

When the show shift backs to the World War II era, welcome after the recent excursions, it brings us back to many of the regulars, including an amusing opening where Italy's about to get run over by a tank and Germany panics pretty severely. What that shifts into is showing the long history between France and England and some of their more egregious issues, including the time spent back in the 11th century where France's style of long hair was considered the in thing to have. England's attempts to gain long hair isn't easy considering the religious side that's after him, but his hard work has some payoff but not in the way he had hoped. It's so adorable watching France help England with his hair, combing and treating it so that it looks good. The two have their rivalries, but when they work together it's very, very cute.

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