Omamori Himari - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "The Meow in the Approaching Darkness"

By all appearances, Omamori Himari is about to get fairly dark and involved with its storyline. So that means before the storm we get a big episode of fanservice and fun along with a surprisingly large dose of blatant sexuality. After some of the drama of the last couple of episodes with Kuesu in particular, something like this is pretty welcome. Thankfully though, they don't spend the entire episode doing it as they introduce the main plot for the next couple of episodes which is actually kind of intriguing. And this is why Omamori Himari is so frustrating as it goes from being incredibly mediocre to then providing a decent hook towards the end.

The initial, ahem, thrust of the episode is that the class is heading out for an outdoor sketching session at a nearby large park area. Everyone gets to go and sketch what they want, though several of them seem to congregate by the fountain and complain about it. At least until Shizuku, in a flimsy nightie, pops up out of it all soaking wet and sprawls out for them wondering why they're showing such an interesting. More nakedness occurs elsewhere as Himari has decided that she'll give her master the proper model for his sketch by stripping down completely after finding that partially unclothed may not cut it. Rinko is there as well and throwing a fit until she starts competing for who can have less clothes on. What takes it to a surprising level even for this show is that the two girls are practically all over each other in different states of undress trying to win Yuto's approval.

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