Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "Episode 17"

With an episode title of 'Everything Changes', you really have to hope that there's something significant in it. The show does have a lot of fun to it and we get some good background material as well. The simple joy of watching Shizuo fight with abandon against the various controlled slashers that are out there is worth the price of admission alone. He's been so controlled in a way for so long with his abilities, enough so that he feels like he's a coward in some ways, that when he gets the chance to truly cut loose he does so. It's completely different from how he is with Izaya as well which I think says a whole lot. It's a brutal series of events as it plays out, but you can't help but to smile throughout it much like Shizuo.

A good chunk of the episode focuses on the encounter between Haruna and Anri as Haruna is leading her charge to take out Anri. That Anri is something more than she expected has really thrown her, but it's what we learn about Anri that really does seemingly change things. Her cool and introverted nature has kept her apart and we've seen how she is with Mikado and others, but the real truth of the matter is something else. With her sword in hand, touching it to Haruna reveals exactly what Anri's real past is all about with her parents that died and why she is the way she is. The power within her is fascinating and curious, enough so that even Celty is uncertain about how to interact with her and shy's away from getting into a fight with her, so far as to suggest that the problems are all related to Saika and are not how Anri really feels. It's an intriguing conversation the two have and helps to potentially cement Anri in the mindset of doing good with what she has in her hands.

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