Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 164 - Review: "Episode 164"

Naruto: Shippuden really surprised me with this arc as they've done the rare thing for a show of this type and length by really making a significant change to some aspect of the foundations of the series. Having such an incredible amount of destruction thrown at the Village of the Hidden Leaf, I'll admit my mind has moved somewhat past the battle that Naruto has with Pain to wonder how the rebuilding will go, considering there's now such a massive pit in the middle of what was once the village. The fight will go on of course, but the rebuilding angle is of a bit more interest to my geeky side since I always wanted to be an architect. Having such a change made to the series really speaks well of this arc, though I just hope they don't magically fix everything back to normal in a few days.

The fight between the two was intense right from the start and it's no exception here. Naruto's training and understanding of the Sage Jutsu seems a bit incomplete based off of what we've seen before, but it appears that he's taken well to most of it and has moved into a class completely different from so many of the Leaf ninjas. The use of the Sage Jutsu is a difficult one though and there's only so much power he can potentially use before he burns out, something that Pain thinks is happening already as his power level is decreasing. With the other sages around him fighting the creatures that Pain has brought, it's a fairly intense battle from the start with a lot at stake but the sages seeming like they're doing the best they can to just hold things where they are so Naruto can do what must be done.

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