Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 14 - Review: "What Do You Think?"

Daimon's coming to Seishu and his attempts to create a top tier team for Koshien have certainly hit a few snags along the way as his style is very particular. The latest game that they're plying in the district tournament turns up as a loss, but there's still a lot of encouragement for them from the fans considering that a lot of the tem was made up of first years and there's always next time for them. That's not going to sit well with most of the players or Daimon for that matter.

That district game leads to an amusing coincidence as Aoba helps out a vendor who has some good stolen from him. It turn sout that he's Azuma's older brother, Junpei. He's a decent guy who helps out Aoba by giving her a lift home and it leads him to Ichiyo, Aoba's older sister whom he suddenly falls in love with pretty hard. With him coming to visit now and trying to figure out ways to see her more, Azuma himself is coming back to hit some balls as well though there's no kind of relationship to be had there between him and Aoba. In fact, Aoba is getting asked out pretty regularly these days by all the idle summer boys but she wants none of it as she's just focused on baseball all around.

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