Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode #06"

Sai's life is one that's certainly rife with problems, though a lot of it seems to be purely magnetic in a sense as his future as the Demon King really has many things drawn to him. The acquisition of a dragon in the last episode is particularly priceless as I like that he's managed to get something so insane that it really does make his life even harder. That was already a difficult thing to do considering what's gone on so far, but outside of people who love danger, how many are going to get close to someone who has a dragon?

The show takes an odd turn here in the middle as it shifts to a seaside school for the duration, though Sai is only able to go because Korone manages to arrange things so that she takes personal responsibility for him. There's something going on with those in power that are watching him through her and they're intent on using her to monitor him properly for their own purposes. The entire beach thing is just a huge amount of fanservice. There's breasts everywhere, lots of flouncing and bouncing going on and there's even Korone doing her best to get Sai aroused for Junko so that they can handle everything. There's even a highly amusing perverted scene involving a lot of hand motions that causes a lot of liquid to spurt out from what is easily described as a free standing tentacle that goes all over Junko. Sea cucumber indeed... There's no subtlety here in the slightest and I have to admit that I'm enjoying that part.

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