Fairy Musketeers Episode #22-27 Anime Review

When I was watching the last batch of Fairy Musketeers episodes I reviewed, it seems that I underestimated the importance of one of them: the gang's visit to the town covered by ash, and the girl in the fairy tale that Souta encountered there. That girl makes several returns over the course of these episodes: she now has a name, Marlene, and the story of her separation from the boy she loved and the events that followed that begin to take centre stage in Phandavale's story.

After the worlds were split, separating Marlene from her love, she went away to learn the magic necessary to travel from one world to the other - only to find that, in the interim, her love had apparently forgotten about her and moved on to someone else. There's nothing so fearful as a woman scorned, of course, and in response to her apparent rejection Marlene began learning more and more magic, looking for a way to take revenge on the God who had separated the worlds in the first place.

I say "apparent" there because I can't help but think that Marlene's 'rejection' wasn't quite what it appeared to be, and that that will become a plot point further down the line - but that's speculation on my part. In the meantime, it's Marlene's descent to the dark side that takes centre stage, with the eventual revelation that she's still on the scene today & controlling a lot of the events that are going on around Souta and the others.

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