Uraboku Episode #15 Review

A lot has gone on in the last few episodes with the show going through its mid-series "boss" fight where things hit a fairly epic level. At least for Yuki in understanding that his best friend of many years may be out to kill him now and may not be entirely in control of himself. Because of what they've learned, Yuki can't quite be left alone at this point and the gang is all set to keep protecting him. Yet there's a push for everyone to actually attend school so they don't sink lower in their grades or overall attendance record. There's an amusing bit of back and forth over this as some have managed to keep their grades up better than others, but the end result is that Yuki's in a good enough place because he's been asked by Takashiro to head off to Kamakura for awhile to the primary residence.

The trip to Kamakura has Yuki and the others meeting up with Senshiro who is a recent arrival himself but one that will be guiding them there as a Zweilt. Senshiro fits the whole man with glasses archetype nicely that's been fairly well absent from Yuki's side of the story and he has a partner himself named Kuroto. Kuroto's something of a prodigy as we learn that he's actually a famous shogi player, but he's just given up on that part of his life because of the battle that is to come that will require all of his concentration. It's a nice bit of foreshadowing of how difficult things will be and it helps to cement for someone like Yuki that dark times are coming, sooner rather than later. Kuroto and Senshiro certainly seem like a decent pairing as they're opposites in a few ways.

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