Sukeban Boy DVD Review

The film opens with a tight shot of a young man and woman looking they are enjoying a view of the river when he collapses and spits blood while she is cleaning a pair of brass knuckles. The young woman is Sukeban...except she is actually a young man cursed with a woman's face and frame. To make up for this Sukeban has become a brawler and no sooner has she cleaned the knuckles than three stereotypical high school gang members (though clearly well out if high school given their age) attempt to attack "her." Sukeban then corrects them with her rough male speech and by first displaying she is wearing guy's briefs and then with the camera to her back pulling them down so the gang can confirm for the viewers Sukeban is really a he. Sukeban dispatches them and heads home as someone in a school uniform sees it all from a distance. A flashback explains Sukeban was always getting grief for his looks and getting into fights...and agreed with her father's suggestion he wear a school girl uniform to surprise those he fights. His father then barges in when Sukeban is in the bathtub and climbs in fully dressed in biker gear to tell his son that he should go to a girls school, as well as relate in an internal dialogue that he finds his son attractive.

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