Alex = broken boy...should the writer's back off a little?

We all just love 'em when they're broken, don't we? But I have to admit I'm frustrated that the writers seem to be positioning New Mercy West Doctor girl (I have yet to learn her name) as a potential love interest for him. I wish they weren't pushing the character to move on so quickly. I know Hiegel is pretty much done with Grey's, but it just doesn't feel genuine to have his whole world actually come crashing down around him the way it has (fall in love, love gets cancer, marries, wife dies in his arms, hospital goes insane with merger, wife gets fired and leaves, inherits 200K in medical bills) and him not be a little more in touch with the know? I get that he's resilient and a survivor, but I'm just uncomfortable with trying to position new girl as a love interest at this point. It is squicky.

I LOVED the touching moment when he first picked up the baby in tonight's episode (Justin Chambers is a RL dad and I really believed in his affection for the little doll they used for the premie).

anyone else have any thoughts?


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