Grey's Anatomy - Dinner And A Movie

It's nighttime in Seattle, but not just any nighttime: it's the nighttime of Izzie and George's for reals this time, perfect, awesome, sexy sex. But Izzie looks like it's less than perfect; instead she looks incredible alarmed, staring at the ceiling, naked and sweaty. Meredith's mercifully brief VO begins, "Before we were doctors, we were med students. Which meant we spent a lot of time studying chemistry." George is also lying in bed, really sweaty, and really confused. They make some talk about how "wow" the sex was, and George also comments that it was extremely aerobic, hence the sweat. Izzie asks if aerobic is bad, and he asks it right back, insuring that it was aerobic-really-bad. Izzie tries to make some excuses about them being nervous, while George sits with his hands in the air like he's paralyzed and agrees, laughing too hard. They decide to do it again, and it sounds a lot more like doing chemistry homework than having perfect, hot, awesome sex.

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