Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Review: "Todokanu Omoi"

Thoughts Fall Short... I can think of no better summary for this entire series. The thoughts certainly fell short building the climax of this series. Only one episode remains, but the story has no tension behind it. After a brief battle with Naraku, he dies but makes a final wish upon the Jewel.

This wish sucks Kagome into the Path to the Underworld and removes the Bone Eater's Well, severing the link between past and present. Inu Yasha does the sensible thing and opens his own path to the Underworld to find her. The bulk of the episode is a bland look into what Kagaome's life would be if she never came to the Feudal Era.

Apparently, this is the wish the Jewel wants her to make, or is it? Inu Yasha learns from some demons that the Jewel has trapped her inside it. She will fight the demons until someone else uses the Jewel for evil. Anyone else confused by the lack of the "Good Spirit" mentioned a few episodes prior in all of this?

There were times the series had interesting plot points and character growth. However, it rarely capitalized on these opportunities, and now we are just listlessly trudging towards an ending

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