Hikaru no Go Episode #63

Watching Hikaru going through the old game records to see how Shusaku played all those years ago is amusing. He's taken to a mysterious room where he expects to find ghosts of all things in his child-like way only to discover that all that's there are piles upon piles of records. Very valuable records that haven't been transcribed elsewhere or photocopied even which is highly amusing and frightening considering the value placed on some of these by Go historians. It's the kind of odd little moment that can take you out of the show. As Hikaru starts to go through the old records though, he starts to understand the real strength that Sai has as a Go player.

It's interesting that his reaction is that he's highly critical of himself since he was just a naïve player who hadn't even truly picked up the stones before. Having someone like Sai, a true master player, enter his life and being able to offer guidance to him is just cruel in a way upon reflection of the treasure that he had and that he's lost it. The loss is of an even greater magnitude now and he's willing to throw away everything in order to bring Sai back into his life. It's a highly emotional outburst that resonates well with the way the Hikaru has so clearly and finally understood the depth of loss through this. With the way their relationship had been as Hikaru had gotten better and better, especially after gaining entry to the pro level, the realization of how much he owes to Sai has him now moving away from Go entirely as he'll do anything to bring Sai back into his life.

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