Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Menace"

With all the main excitement from the opening story having wound down, Heroman is in that awkward stage of having to get itself together for the next arc. New characters, new situations and plenty of familiar have to come together in a way that will try to expand on what came before while doing something new so it doesn't seem repetitive. The reconstruction efforts in Center City has been a highlight of the show since the Skrugg attack as it was reminiscent of the final act of Macross for me as it focused on an area we don't often see. It also gave us some nice fun when it came to Lina trying to figure out how to date Joey.

So Heroman decides to throw us a curve in this episode by bringing in another female character named Holly who is actually Joey's older sister. She's been gone for about four years and she has a kind of out there rock and roll/punk feeling to her where she's very outgoing and has fun teasing her brother. Holly's a kind of fun character that balances out Lina pretty well especially when you realize that Lina's the only other female character we've really had for the last ten episodes. Heroman has been a pretty male-centric show from the start but it's managed it in a way where it doesn't come across badly and they haven't abused their sole female, outside of making her wear the cheerleader uniform as her only outfit.

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