One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 450 - Review: "The Jailbreak Team Driven Into a Corner - F..."

I'll admit, I really wanted Luffy to go all Indiana Jones on Magellan by simply wiping him out with one really hard shot. But I knew that any fight between the two, particularly a rematch, would end up taking a bit more time than I wanted it to take. Magellan has shown off his skills a few times now and we've already had one big fight between the two so it shouldn't spend as long on this fight as it did earlier. But it's also going to be a fight that gets more serious far more quickly, especially when Magellan learns that Jimbei is part of Luffy's group and has already made it outside.

And as cute as Luffy's bouncing super awesome cool battle suit is, it's just a bit too goofy for me.

The episode essentially runs along two tracks here, much as it has for the last couple. The exterior angle is a lot of fun as we watch Daz, Crocodile, Buggy and Jimbei making their way out to the Navy ships and doing their best to acquire one. It's really just a given that they will get one considering the overall power involved there and even Magellan is concerned about it when he finds out that Jimbei is involved on the outside. Buggy is sadly pretty much out of the picture for much of it outside of the recap moment but it's great to see Crocodile in action alongside Daz while Jimbei has the best ending moment to the episode that really makes it the stuff of legend.

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